Do Son beach

Do Son beach

Do Son is one of the well-known seaside resorts in North Viet Nam, 20-km southeast of Hai Phong and 105 km East of Hanoi. This region is beautifully surrounded by green forests and sandy beaches. The beach here, 4 km long, are shaded by thousands of sandalwood trees and covered by mountains and pine hills. More recently, the town has become famous for the first public Casino to open in Viet Nam since 1975.

Do Son is one of the popular beaches among domestic tourists in the north of Vietnam, 20-km southwest of Haiphong and 105 km East of Hanoi
Do Son peninsula situated on the ancient continent, 22.5km in length along the coast from Cam river mouth to Van Uc river mouth. Do Son is often visualized as the head of a Dragon reaching toward a precious stone (Hon Dau isle), whisking its tail to go to sea that forms Bach Long Vi Islands.

Do Son Beach – an ideal beach, with tree zones, each having bathing beaches, hills and forests will make tourists feel relaxed after go there.

If you are staying in Hai Phong Province, a visit to Do Son Beach is worthwhile. It is a great privilege of Haiphong to be given by nature the beautiful beach of Do Son.

Being is one of the well-known beaches in the north of Vietnam, Do Son is a small peninsular formed by the stretch of Rong Mountain to the sea. Ranges of mountains and hills with forests of pine trees cover this lovely beach. In addition to that natural beauty, the human-made infrastructure here is admirable. The zigzag roads along the mountains, and pine forests make the beach a rare beauty in the tropical region.


It is considered “a tourist resort”, only 20 kilometres away from Hai Phong City and 123 kilometres from Hanoi capital. The sea resort town is composed of tree zones, each having bathing beaches, hills and forests. Around the hills are French-style constructions looking towards the sea. Since 1975, many large hotels and guest houses have been set up over the town and Do Son has become a weekend sea resort for Vietnamese and foreigners.

Immediately upon setting foot in Hai Phong, the French turned Do Son into a summer resort for their expatriate community and the Vietnamese upper class. On summer days, Do Son is alive with tourists from all over the world. They mainly come here to spend time on the beach, relax, and hike. From Do Son, tourists can conveniently sail to Cat Ba Island, to Ha Long Bay, to Dien Bien, Long Chau, and Hon Dat Island.

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Hai Phong city, Do Son Beach is a must-see place that should not be missed!


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